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Chokes & Valves

chokes valvesChokes
Adjustable, positive, and hydraulic chokes are available in stock; all are suitable for H2S environments. Ram Oil Tools, LLC.  chokes are available in common working pressures and sizes and feature long life and low maintenance. 

Gate Valves
Ram Oil Tools, LLC. stocks manual and hydraulic gate valves in common bore sizes and pressure ranges. A wider ange of boady and trim materials are also available to satisfy your service needs.

Check valves
TR Check Valves, also in stock, feature flanged-end connections, EE trim and are designed for use in P-U temperature ranges. They feature easy parts replacement, readily available replacement parts and can be repaired without special tooling. The type TL check valve is available for PR2 requirements, elevated or subzero temperatures.

Pressure & Production Equipment

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